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PhoneGap (Introduction to PhoneGap | Post-1)

Hi Guys,

Here I am exploring you a wonderful tool PhoneGap, every mobile developer want to see their application in every mobile platform like iOS, Anroid, BlackBerry, Symbian etc. but we are strict on platform languages some know C-objective, some developers know java for Anroid, so now you don’t get panic because PhoneGap providing you multi-plat form solutions.

Using PhoneGap, Developers don’t have to worry about iOS, Android or C# languages. Developers can achieve this by writing the user interface portion of their application with Web technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 
If you are convenient to work on web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript then you can develop multi-plat form mobiles applications easily.

PhoneGap builds such applications those can run on variety of mobile devices, as well as we can upload those apps on multiple stores like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and etc.

PhoneGap supports verity of Platform given below:

·         iOS

·         Android

·         Windows 8

·         Windows Phone 7 and 8

·         BlackBerry 5.x+

·         WebOS

·         Symbian

·         Tizen


To build an app using GitHub, Dreamweaver, Edge Code, or even a simple ZIP file, you just need to configure splash screens, icons and other app features like enabling access to mobile camera, locating sensor data and etc.

 To deploy and install in your mobile devices, you just need to configure config.xml file then set parameters and permissions fort deploying on iOS and Android.